Tao Tan Pai Retreat
You're Invited! Align your Mind, Body, and Spirit​ At the Urban Monk "TRUE VITALITY" Retreat Experience
Relax and Rejuvenate at the beautiful Cliff Lodge-Snowbird Resort 
Level One Tao Tan Pai Retreat
Friday April 24th-Sunday April 26th, 2020 
9AM to 4PM Daily
Special Training Guided By Dr. Pedram Shojai 
You're Invited! Align your Mind, Body, and Spirit​ At the Urban Monk "TRUE VITALITY" Retreat Experience
Relax and Rejuvenate at the beautiful Cliff Lodge-Snowbird Resort
Level One Tao Tan Pai Retreat
Friday April 24th-Sunday April 26th, 2020
9AM to 4PM Daily
Special Training Guided By Dr. Pedram Shojai
Techniques you Will be learning Are LIVE with a master
The Urban Monk practices are meant to be done daily and the traditional way of learning is LIVE with a master. I’m excited to share the DIRECT TRANSMISSION of my esoteric Taoist Qi Gong with my students.

This practice is what powers me and my Grand Master had forbidden filming it before he passed away. That means I can only teach it in a live setting. And now…that time has come. I’m excited to share the deepest, most powerful, and special practice that I’ve treasured with you.
Here's the deal: Most people are throwing darts at the mindfulness board. They've learned a handful of techniques and are using them haphazardly trying to feel better. They've never been shown the Light. They've never felt the flow of vitality, energy, and pure spirit in their bodies so it's all a mental exercise.

That ends here.
This comes from my temple training that delivers a powerful, visceral and real experience you can't deny. Once you experience it, there's no doubting it there's no doubting you true essential nature.

You learn the system, you do the work, and YOU reap the rewards.

Come ready to receive. Sharing this practice is very special and I take it very seriously.
Dr. Pedram Shojai
Level One Training Spaces Are Limited Reserve Your Spot Today!

Level One Training 3 Day Retreat Experience $1195

Stress is killing us and without a personal practice to offset it, you're in trouble. This is a big part of the Urban Monk Practice. We’ll do practices which will help you drop into a timeless space and deeply relax into the present moment.
We will be moving and taking care of our bodies all weekend. Do not expect to sit around and take notes at a desk because that’s not how Pedram teaches. Let’s get into it and bring life back into our bodies the way we need to.
Let’s laugh and enjoy meeting each-other. We have a strong community and really want you all to connect and support each-other along your paths. Pedram's favorite thing is meeting and hanging with students who are motivated to grow and thrive.
The 31 exercises in Level One of the Tao Tan Pai system
Level One of the Tao Tan Pai system. These 31 exercises will help balance your energy, boost vitality, lubricate the joints, and calm the mind. There are seven levels to the system and level one must be mastered before moving forward.

These are exercises that you will be able to take home with you. Practice them daily until you feel full of life.

Your retreat experience will take place amongst some of the most beautiful scenery in Utah. Surrounded by nature Pedram will lead the training and teach you specific Qi Gong and Meditation exercises.
Learning to calm your mind is important but there are many other skills you must learn. Focused visualization, breath control, progressive relaxation, and directed energy for healing are all key lessons to learn. Let's go inward and mine for gold.
In order to step into your power, your body and mind need to be able to handle more energy. The practices we will cover will help bring up your capacity to move more vitality and breath through your system. More balanced energy gives us more clarity, a better mood, and stronger immunity.
An Amazing 3 Day Experience At The Majestic Snowbird Mountain Resort
In just three days together you will learn the 31 exercises to help imprint the practice in your mind, body, and spirit. All within this oasis of breathtaking beauty and serene surroundings!

Set amongst towering mountain peaks and century-old pines, Snowbird village offers guest-rooms connected by scenic walking paths and a pedestrian sky bridge over Little Cottonwood Creek. On-site dining establishments are scattered throughout the village with shopping outlets, fitness facilities, outdoor pools, hot tubs, a world class spa and year round activities. Plus community lunches provided daily with Pedram and your peers.
what people are saying about their experience...
"No Bullshit"
No Bullshit - all perfectly directed work.  Pedram did all the teaching.  His method of teaching was free of frustration inducing expectation.  Steps further on the journey of awakening. Increased my awareness of how to continue to grow.
Martha Hackett
"this retreat is worth the investment."
You CAN learn what Pedram is teaching and you can learn it in a weekend. If your focus is on a healthy balanced life, this retreat is well worth your investment.
Tammy Saied
"has greatly improved my executive function"
Qi Gong practice has made a tremendous impact on how I feel from day 1. It has made me more calm and relaxed, helped me work on areas of pain throughout my body, and has greatly improved my executive function. All areas of life have improved including health, relationships and career.
Dave Hansen
"I recommend this 
without reservation!"
Susan E Pacheco
"One of the greatest gifts you could give to yourself"
The retreat is awesome and only something that can be experienced in person and sharing the energy of the group. One of the greatest gifts you could give to yourself would be to go to a retreat to learn and be.  Let the instructions teach you how to open up to hear and feel your own guidance. When you allow yourself to be guided by your Heart and Higher self through this process your experience will be truly yours and there will be no need to compare it to anyone or anything else.                           
Patrick Murray
"just go and give it a try"
I would recommend to just go and give it a try and s/he will come out a different person with a more positive outlook, a calmer disposition, with increased physical, mental & spiritual strength. 
Corito Pavlides
"loved every moment"
The closing ceremony brought me to tears! Loved every moment. The chance to have such a personal moment with Pedram was really special.
Emily Weber
"I have brought the experience home with me"
It is something that was powerful and enlightening. I have brought the experience home with me and feel a sense of balance and trust in the process, which I needed a reminder of this. I continue to practice and would actually like to pursue more. 
Conor Crippen
"Absolutely worth the price of admission and more"
Absolutely worth the price of admission and more, great experience and met wonderful individuals.  Pedram seems to really care about each individual.  I'm clear now on what matters to me. Which is always a good thing.  
Bonnie Rich
"most of us were moved to 
I have never witnessed a teacher congratulating every student in such humble and respectful way for completing their course, that when going by them and whispering something very personal and inspiring most of us were moved to tears.
Maria Pelova
" gives us strength to do better and be better. "
Brenda Daines
Level One Training
The Cliff Lodge at the Snowbird Resort
The Cliff Lodge at Snowbird is one of North America’s most iconic ski lodges. The majesty of Little Cottonwood Canyon can be explored from the views each room provides whether facing Snowbird’s ski slopes or peering down the glacially carved canyons spilling into the Salt Lake City valley below. Within walking distance to Snowbird’s pedestrian village, The Cliff Lodge offers comfortable lodging for everyone.

Snowbird is an awarded industry leader, setting the standard for environmental stewardship, education and advocacy. In 2016, they welcomed the first Director of Sustainability to their management team ensuring they practice what they preach.
Bonus: You Get All This Included When You Reserve Your spot Today
  • 50% Off discount for Cliff Spa access including access to all daily classes, pool etc.
  • 20% Off discount for select Spa treatments
  • Reduced rate for aerial Tram/Peruvian Chairlift single ride
  • ​Complimentary self parking
  • ​Community lunches provided daily with Pedram and your peers
  • Discounted group hotel rates
  • 2 night minimum required, 30 day cancellation policy
  • Reduced $73.00 roundtrip airport transfers through Canyon Transportation
  • ​Discounted resort fee from $25.00 to $15.00 during ski season
  • ​Over 15 different restaurant options in the immediate area
Q: What is the closest airport to the event?
A: Salt Lake City Intl. Airport (SLC) is closest airport. Airport shuttles may be arranged while booking lodging through Snowbird Central Reservations (800-453-3000) or up to 48 hours prior to arrival. Special group round-trip pre-paid price is $73.00 per person. Walk-ups are accepted at a higher rate on a space available basis at the Canyon . Transportation desk located in the baggage claim area of the Salt Lake City International Airport. Cancellations received within 48 hours of arrival are non-refundable. Driver gratuity not included and prices are subject to change.
Q: What is the elevation at the Snowbird Resort?
A: Snowbird is at 8100 feet and elevation can be a factor for some individuals. Please take the necessary pre-cautions should you be susceptible to adverse reactions to changes in elevation. We will provide complimentary oxygen tanks on site throughout the weekend for those who are feeling light headed or just need the extra oxygen.
Q: What should I bring?
A: Pen and paper for notes, meditation cushion, water bottle, and comfortable activewear clothing.
Q: Are any meals included?
A: YES- as a part of your retreat experience we are hosting a beautifully appointed lunch each day of the retreat. We will gather together and enjoy a lunch catered by award winning chefs. We will eat microbiome-friendly meals that will help heal your gut and revitalize your energy systems.
Q: Is Lodging included in the price of the retreat?
A: NO- lodging is not included in the price and is the responsibility of each participant. We highly recommend staying at the Cliff Lodge resort utilizing the group discount and other added benefits of the retreat experience.
Q: What is the refund policy?
A: The refund deadline for this retreat experience is 3/01/20. After that date a credit will be offered to use for a future event.
Q: Who do I contact if I have specific questions or concerns?
A: Please contact Christi Gonshorowski- Program Director for The Urban Monk christi@theurbanmonk.com
We strongly encourage all retreat participants to stay at the Cliff Lodge to get the full benefit of the entire retreat experience.

Cliff Lodge at the Snowbird Resort Address
9320 S. Cliff Lodge Dr. Entry 4
Snowbird, UT 84092-9000

Individual Call-in: Guests will make their own lodging reservations directly with Snowbird’s Central Reservation Office by calling 1-800-453-3000 or by emailing: lodging@snowbird.com

Snowbird has a 30 day cancellation policy for all hotel reservations.

Individuals are encouraged to identify themselves as part of the "Urban Monk Retreat" group block to receive the discounted group rate.

Disclaimer: Refund Deadline 3/01/20
This information is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice.
Readers are advised to consult a qualified professional about any issue regarding their health and well-being.
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