It’s Dr Pedram Shojai. I’m excited to share the release of our new course called healthy pets with you. If you’re anything like me, your dogs and cats are part of the family.

Buster and Sunshine are an integral part of our tribe and we love them so much. The challenge is knowing what to do for them!

  • Do you give them scraps or not?
  • Are vaccines cool for our pets?
  • What about Flea collars?
  • What kind of food and why?
  • What do we do when they get older?
  • How to best socialize them?
Meet Buster and Sunshine.

There are so many questions that arise with pets, especially when they get sick. It simply breaks my heart when they’re unwell and, unfortunately, I’m a people doctor and not a vet.

So what happens when there’s an issue?

You race them down to the vet and are usually at the mercy of their recommendations.

I don’t know about you but I’ve never had a vet bill come under $300.

It’s like a running joke around my household. Whether it’s a hangnail, tummy trouble, or a routine visit, we leave the vet with our pockets emptied.

That’s why I decided to learn what’s up and help share that information with YOU. I met Dr Rob Franklin during the filming of my Interconnected Series and found him to be amazing. He’s a holistic veterinarian who is world renowned in his work. In fact, after surveying over 20,000 people after that series, he was voted the favorite and many people asked me to create this Healthy Pets course.

Dr. Franklin
Robert Franklin, DVM

What's in the Course?

  • Pet care for puppies and kittens
  • Flea and tick prevention
  • Vaccines
  • Food and digestion
  • Supplements
  • Elder care
  • Itching and Allergies
  • Beds and toys
  • Joints and weight
  • Oral health
  • Healthy Fur and Grooming
  • And much much more

I asked Dr Franklin to cover all the major topics that people bring their dogs and cats in for. Why? Because once we know what’s urgent or not, we know whether to go into the vet. With the wisdom I’ve gleaned, I’ve probably saved 4-5 visits to the vet (at an average of $300 a visit!) and my dogs are healthier now than they were when I was taking them in all the time.

This isn’t to say never go to the vet- it’s about empowering you to know how to care better for your pet at home and when to jump in the car and get down there. It’s about being a better parent to your pet and that happens in the day to day.

The course is like a PET 101 Academy for your furry friend. You’ll become more confident in caring for them and start making better choices.

What better choices?

We shifted my dog’s kibble and Sunshine’s itching went away. We were doing shots and creams for two years and the poor dog was barely getting better. Dr Franklin helped fix that.

How else?

He recommended supplements for their joint health with a special ingredient we’d never tried. The result? No hobbling dogs. We take them hiking 3 times a week and they’re happier and healthier than they were two years ago when they saw the vet regularly.

Christi is on my team and her cat had major digestive trouble and we swapped in a couple supplements and changed it’s kibble- pow! All gone.

30 Day Money Back

The course is chock-full of wisdom, actionable tips, and product recommendations that are healthy and safe for your dog and cat. The course has helped my family tremendously and I know it will help yours!

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Grand Opening Discount

Register Now and save 60%