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Tuesday August 18, 2020 @ 1:00pm EST

Healing Emotional Trauma

A Powerful Intro To Healing Emotional Trauma. It's Intent is to Add Closure and Help You Heal Deep Emotional Wounds.

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During this free webinar you will learn


How to heal from past wounds

Talk is cheap- Dr Totton is going to share actual techniques that are effective.


How to forgive and make whole

No matter what's happened, there's a healthy way to let it go and move on.


How to move on and write a new chapter

Life begins now. Let's get into a re-write and move into a new chapter of your life.

Here are the main topics we're covering:

1- Building Resilience and Protective Factors - A Wholistic Look at Emotional Wellbeing

2- Daily Practices to Let Go of Traumatic Energy - Why Traditional Psychology Doesn't Work for People

3- Healing Methods from China and the East - Proven Results in Less Time

4- Indigenous Wisdom to Help with Grounding and Wellbeing

5- Honing These Skills into a Lifestyle

About the hosts

Dr. Pedram Shojai

Dr. Pedram Shojai
The Urban Monk

Pedram is the Founder of Well.Org and NYT Best Selling author of The Urban Monk and The Art of Stopping Time. He's an accomplished filmmaker and lecturer. Pedram is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and host of The Urban Monk Podcast. He's honored to share Dr Totton with his audience here in this exclusive live event.

Dr. Carl Totton

Dr. Pedram Shojai
Professor of Psychology

Dr Totton is a Professor of Psychology and Education Psychology. He's spent his entire career working with ailing patients and has traveled the world studying indigenous and alternative methods to heal trauma...many of which have yielded amazing results for thousands of his clients and students. He is the Director of The Taoist Institute of Los Angeles and one of Pedram's primary teachers.

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A Powerful Intro To Healing Emotional Trauma To Add Closure and Heal Deep Wounds


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