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Get ahead of stress and find peace
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If your life is "always on" and
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A realistic approach that uses timeless Eastern wisdom to help you

How can you attain peace in a way that doesn’t screw up your schedule, your commitments and your life?

Even better, how can you practice these skills in a way that ENHANCES your life? I realized that you’re not going to shave your head and go live in silence in a mountaintop monastery. So I had to bring that training down to you.

It took me years to “translate” what I learned as a monk into a useful framework for stressed out busy people, but I nailed it. The Academy teaches you to live in the moment so you can experience a calm mind and profound peace.

Get clear on what you want so you can live a healthy and fulfilled life

These days, we have more commitments, more demands and more ‘friends’ than ever before. And it’s leaving us stressed out, frustrated and overwhelmed.

I say this a lot; "the training is the way," because it takes time and practice to clear your mind and focus your attention on the parts of your life that really need you.

In the Academy, I walk you through the steps to achieving focus, clarity and direction to find and pursue your life's passions.

There is a way to have everything you’ve ever wanted

Look we've got kids to raise, bills to pay and a career to build, but struggling through all that in a chaotic frenzy is not the way.

There is a better way...

A way for you to not just survive, but thrive in this new “age of overwhelm.”

A way for you to finally breathe deep, relax, feel calm, nourished and gain clarity on who you are, what you want and where you want to go.

A way to effortlessly integrate the powerful teachings of my spiritual teachers into your modern life.

I call it...the way of the Urban Monk

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14 Day Free Trial

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14 Day Free Trial

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14 Day Free Trial

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The Urban Monk—
Pedram Shojai, OMD

I’m not a guru. I'm a guy who's walked the path and here to help. Take some tips and step into your own greatness. The world needs YOU—not more gurus. We need more leaders and not followers. I’m here to help you step into that. I’ve got your back. Now its time to learn some skills and commit to being awesome.

Everything in the Academy is designed to help empower heal make you whole. My commitment is to help bring out your greatest expression. I'm in your corner.

The Urban Monk is a New York Times
Best Selling Author and Award
Winning Filmmaker featured in—

Real-life solutions to lead you
into your own greatness—

The Life Garden

In The Life Garden you’ll learn how to manage your time and energy, getting crystal clear on your goals. At the same time you’ll uncover the “why” of what you want in life and discover the direct connection between time and energy and how to get more of both.

This is a life-changing journey into setting goals, getting focused, gaining energy and making things happen in your life. When I say this is going to change your life, I’m not exaggerating - thousands of people have benefited from this 12 week training by understanding how to focus their time and energy into getting everything they’ve always wanted out of life.

Standalone Course $199
Included in Academy Membership

Gut Healing Masterclass

This powerful seven week course taps the wisdom of leading experts in gut health. We start with an elimination diet and follow through specific diet advice, things to avoid, supplements to take and much more- all in a hands-on course designed to help you heal your own gut.

We teach you how to ferment at home and leave you with practical tips and strategies for healing. This course has helped thousands of people and has recently been added to the Urban Monk Academy.

Standalone Course $199
Included in Academy Membership

Healing Emotional Trauma

Everyone has trauma in their life, we’ve all experienced it. This course will help you face past traumas and step into your power. You’ll receive six weeks of guided healing and building resilience directed by my personal teacher, Dr. Carl Totton.

You’ll learn how to build resilience, hone your skills and learn healing methods to last you a lifetime. It also includes a bonus ceremony where you’ll set intentions for a new cycle.

Standalone Course $399
Included in Academy Membership

Healthy Pets

We talk a lot about keeping ourselves health with a gut-friendly diet, exercise, healthcare and socialization but what about our four-legged family members? Inside Healthy Pets, you’ll have access to all the best research on how to keep your fur babies happy and healthy.

Learn from renowned Veterinarian Dr. Rob Franklin about the best ways to care for your furry loved ones with this expansive course including immunizations, exercise, arthritis, socializing and more!

Standalone Course $99
Included in Academy Membership

Temple Grounds

The training grounds that will instill practices into your life for health, performance, consciousness, alignment and meditation. Packed with resources, including a library of QiGong instructions, there are endless possibilities here.

The core practices of the Urban Monk training reside here. These are powerful yoga techniques, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and meditations all available to you as a student of the Academy.

Standalone Course $299
Included in Academy Membership

Raising Healthy Kids

Two of the most notable holistic pediatricians in the country teach us how to keep our kids healthy and safe in the modern world. Here you’ll learn how to deal with common colds, runny noses, sleep issues, diet, supplementation, and much more. This course is an amazing resource with anyone who has a baby all the way to the teenage years.

We were never given a “how to” guide on keeping our kids healthy. In this course, I get the information for you in an easy-to-use format.

Standalone Course $199
Included in Academy Membership


Covid-19 has changed the way we live. We can either collapse into our fearful selves or use this opportunity to blossom and grow. Think of it as a Sabbatical or cocoon from which a butterfly emerges. Let’s use this time for growth and self betterment.

Let’s find spirituality and meaning- health and vitality. Dr Shojai will lead this six week course as we help you renew yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You’ll learn powerful practices to help you let go of the past and move into a better future.

Standalone Course $199
Included in Academy Membership


Sex is powerful and sex is pure- or at least it should be. Dr Shojai comes from an unbroken lineage of Taoist masters and tantric practices are a big part of the system he teaches. This is an exclusive opportunity to learn the Taoist secrets of energy cultivation through sexual practice.

It's a path to enlightenment and supreme vitality. Learn to bring intimacy back into your relationship, energy into the bedroom, and meaning back into your life through this six week course. You'll enjoy the homework and build energy along the way.

Standalone Course $199
Included in Academy Membership

Oral Healing Masterclass
Your Mouth is the Gateway to Your Health

New research shows that the bacteria in our mouths are responsible for much of our overall health and wellbeing. The pH of the mouth and composition of bacteria can lead to the obvious things like cavities and bad breath but they can also lead to autoimmunity, cancer, heart disease and much more. This course hosts the world’s foremost experts on oral health in a deep dive into the things you can do right now to heal your mouth and better your overall health.

Standalone Course $199
Included in Academy Membership

Cooking for Vitality-
Live Course Starting September, 2020

We are always being told what to eat but it’s intimidating if we’ve never used the ingredients that are being recommended. If we didn’t grow up watching someone cook, it’s likely we’re a bit shaky in the kitchen. Never fear. We’ve brought in a power-house of Naturopathic Medicine to help us eat (and cook) healthy. Dr. Trevor Cates will lead us through 4 recipes and talk to us about ingredient choices.

When you know which ingredients to focus on, and how to deal with them in the kitchen, you’re empowered to make better choices in your daily life. Whether you’re an accomplished chef looking for interesting new ideas, or barely know how to boil pasta, this course will have something for you. The best way to learn and get over your fear is to do’s do it together!

Standalone Course $99
Included in Academy Membership

Dream Yoga-
Live Course Starting November, 2020

By popular demand, I’m going to lead a six week course into the magical realm of dreams. We’re going to learn how to direct our dreams to solve life’s problems and also look at various ways to interpret them and extract meaning into our daily lives. Dreams are the portal to our subconscious minds and learning to use them can radically accelerate our personal development.

We’ll start with the basics, and then explore the realms of astral projection and life mapping- all while our physical body gets a deep and relaxing night’s sleep.

Standalone Course $199
Included in Academy Membership

Functional Fitness-
Live Course Starting January, 2021

If you’ve tried your hand at exercise over the years and keep coming out with injuries and other issues, this course is a must. We’re going to start from the ground and work our way back up- relearning neural pathways we may have skipped as a child. Functional fitness starts with a cross-crawl pattern on the ground and then moves up the body as we stand. Over six weeks, we’re going to work on developing all of the essential body parts so that we can re-establish a healthy foundation in our biomechanics.

We will work on foot strength, hips, core, back muscles, and move into more complex movements. We will slowly sequence through the exercises and you’ll have a week to work on them in between classes. The goal is to have you up and running with a functional body within six weeks.

Standalone Course $199
Included in Academy Membership

Self Healing-
Live Course Starting March, 2021

You have the power to heal with your own hands. You just need to know how. Over this six week course, I will guide you through the principles of Acupressure so you’ll have a nice library of points to stimulate when you’re not feeling well. From pain in joints, headaches, upset stomach, allergies, anxiety, and insomnia, there are points for everything. We’ll learn the fundamentals and then address various problems and how to remedy them each week.

Herbal remedies, moxibustion, heat, cold, and other remedies will also be covered as I lead you through an empowering journey into Self Healing. You can take your new skills and practice on yourself or a loved one at any time. Let’s take healing back into our own hands!

Standalone Course $199
Included in Academy Membership

Nov 2020

Focus and clarity are hard to achieve in a world that splinters our attention. This powerful 21 day course will help you get clarity and calm your mind, decide what you want in life, and make a plan to get it. When attention and intention come together, we get the life we choose. This 21 day experience will change your life. Join Dr Shojai for a an event that’ll empower and ispire you to grow and live your best life.

Standalone Course $199
Included in Academy Membership

Deep Sleep-
Nov 2021

Sleep is the best medicine we have yet it is difficult to get and elusive for so many people. This powerful course will give you the tools you need to get better sleep each night. It doesn’t happen overnight like all the miracle cures promise. Dr Shojai will take you through a comprehensive program that’ll help you heal your adrenal glands, calm your mind, clear your head, and shift your routine so that good quality sleep can be yours again.

Sleep isn’t an option- here’s how you get it.

Standalone Course $199
Included in Academy Membership

Astrology 101-
July 2021

What's Astrology all about? How come some people swear by it? Let's do a deep dive into the topic and see how you can make Astrology work for you. Learn the fundamentals and how to access star charts to map out your choices in life. A better understanding of the alignments of stars and planets can radically transform your life.

Standalone Course $99
Included in Academy Membership

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Video resources including, exercise, recipes, sleep tips, yoga exercises and more Tai Chi and Qi Gong instructions with detailed videos & Live monthly new practices

Meditation tracks, brainwave training and new meditation tracks added each month

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Frequently Asked Questions—

What is the time commitment?

The Academy is the perfect place to work on your goals at your own pace. I will warn you though, the more time you spend with the material, the more you’re going to want to do. It’s so much fun going through the courses, checking out the cookbooks, practicesting Qi Gong, you’re not going to want to stop!

How does the free trial work? Am I stuck with a contract?

Your 14 day trial is completely free with no strings attached. If you don’t want to continue, you simply email our customer service team and let us know. You won’t be charged a dime.

After the 14 day trial, your membership will continue as long as you like. If you would like to cancel, just email our support team before your next billing cycle and we’ll cancel your membership, no questions asked.

Can I access the course material from my phone?

Absolutely! The members area can be easily accessed from any device.

What format do the courses take? Can I interact with the instructors?

You’ll have 24/7 access to all the videos, resources and guides in your members area. This way you can work through the material at your own pace.

My live weekly calls will be another way for us to talk about current events, course work and upcoming new courses. We also have a private Facebook group where a lively community shares their successes, supports each other and works through course materials together.

If I'm having trouble navigating the members area, is there someone who can help me?

Our customer service team is hands on and available to answer any questions you have. The member’s area is intuitive and easy to use but we’re here for you if you have any issues, whatsoever. You’ll have their email address to send feedback and questions where a real person will reach out to help you.

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I’m finding a more meaningful purpose to my life. I’m healthier. I’m happier. I have more energy and clarity. The Urban Monk makes it simple enough so anyone can do it. Thank you!

Ana Avramovska

Urban Monk

I’ve lost 22 pounds. I feel more alert, think clearer, and sleep better.

Rick Plourde

Urban Monk

The Urban Monk helped me become more energetic, more engaged with life. This program is helping me grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually in ways I never thought I was capable of.

Carleen Rowan

Urban Monk

I lost 40 pounds and have a better relationship with my wife. Thank you so much!

Ben Gregoire

Urban Monk

I had just broken from a long term relationship and wanted to sew myself back together. The Urban Monk provided me with the tools and inspiration to gather my strength back and reclaim my dignity and happiness.

Pamela Wasabi

Urban Monk

I used to struggle with motivation and sticking to my goals. The Urban Monk gave me the tools I needed to fix that. It’s been so valuable.

Donna Swanson

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