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Is Your Gut Healthy?

Most people go about their daily lives not thinking much about their gut health…

The problem with that is the gut holds ten times more bacteria responsible for regulating your health than the rest of the body.

Your gut is the place sending vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to the bloodstream. If something’s not right, then pretty soon, lots of other things in the body won’t be right.

So how do you know if your gut isn't healthy?

Signs Your Gut Health is in Trouble

You may think that symptoms such as stomach pain, bloating and indigestion are the only things that indicate the health of your belly, but that's not even the half of it!

An unhealthy gut can wreak havoc on your entire system. It can cause brain fog, skin rashes, acne, anxiety, sadness, frequent weight changes, persistent headaches, joint pain, and fatigue.

Let it get really out of balance, and you could wind up with diseases that affect the heart, the brain, your digestive tract and other vital organs.

The only way to truly know if your gut is healthy, is to ensure that it is with healthy practices, the right bacteria and a balanced lifestyle.

Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Body

The Gut Healing Masterclass brings you information I learned while filming my docu-series INTERCONNECTED which studied the link between our gut and the rest of our body.

What we learned was that you have to understand your body and what it's telling you. If you're feeling any of the symptoms listed above, you simply must consider this course. With years of clinical practice as a functional medicine doctor, I’ve helped thousands of people and, here, I’ve tapped the smartest people in the industry to help you heal your gut and your body.

Your health is the single most important asset you have. Don't waste it!

7 Weeks of Guided Instruction to Find & Solve Your Gut Health Problems

Week 1

Avoiding the Harmful Stuff

In the first week, I’ll run you through the common items in your home that can be harmful to your friendly bacteria. We’ll walk through the kitchen, pantry, laundry room, garage, and more. There are lots of items in your home that can be setting you back and it’s important to identify and swap these out. You can’t make good progress if you’re surrounded by things that are poisoning you. In week 1, we clear the deck so we can have a strong foundation to build on.

Special Guest Faculty:
Tom Malterre​
Author of “The Elimination Diet”

Week 2

Beginning to Heal the Gut​

This week, I’ll walk you through specific strategies on how to heal the gut. From foods and supplements to eating windows, soups, and broths, there are a lot of ways to start the healing. We’ll dive into some of the science of gut health and how to look at this journey. It doesn’t happen overnight so we’ll build a strategy together that’ll help you manage your expectations of the process while feeling good about what you’re doing.

Special Guest Faculty:
Afrouz Demehri, NMD
Director of Functional Medicine at UC Irvine Health

Week 3

Diet Specifics

This week we’ll dive into actual recipes and spend some quality time in the kitchen. If mom didn’t teach you how to cook this stuff, chances are you’re afraid of it. I’ll walk you through specific food prep and strategies to making healthy meals that’ll heal your gut. Of course, there may be a handful of foods to avoid so we’ll dive deep into an “Elimination-Provocation” diet and how to plan ahead for meals. This week will set the foundation of how you should look at cooking for the rest of your life. This isn’t a temporary thing but a new lifestyle that you maintain and thrive with.

Bonus Materials:
Origins Detox for Life Guide

Week 4

Fermented Foods

It sounds interesting but can I do it? Absolutely! This week we’ll make some ferments together. We’ll make some Kefir, Kombucha, and Sauerkraut. I want you to walk away with specific skills that you can help your family with. The goal is to make these together and have a finished product for you to share with your loved ones by the end of our live course. I’ll get you a specific shopping list before the lesson so you’ll be ready to go!

​Special Guest Faculty:
Summer Bock
World Renowned Fermentationist

Week 5

The Bumps in the Road

This week we’ll take a step back and assess how we’re doing. I’ll teach refinements to the strategy and help you make micro-adjustments to your specific condition. I’ll show you what to look for if you’re still gassy, bloated, tired, or experiencing other symptoms. You may need further tests and help, but in my experience, what we’re doing will help 80% of cases and the rest takes a bit more nuance. This week I’ll leave more time for Q&A so we can get more specific. I’m not allowed to diagnose or treat online but I can help troubleshoot with you!

Special Guest Faculty:
Marvin Singh, MD
Gastroenterology/ Functional Medicine

Week 6

Other Healing Factors

This week we’ll get into the important lifestyle factors that can either enhance healing or get in the way. Specifically, I’ll help you with stress management techniques, sleep strategies, allergens, and supplements that can help. Diet is huge but it isn’t everything. Let’s take a broader look at your life and make sure there isn’t something else dragging you down. My years as a monk help me bring a fresh perspective on this and many people find the “unlock” to their condition in what I teach here.

Bonus Materials:
Four Count Breathing Audio
Silk Weavers Exercise Video

Week 7

Making a Life Plan

In our final week together, we’ll work to tie in what you’ve learned and make it a habit for years to come. This means revamping your shopping habits, your cooking habits, and your mealtime rituals. Vitality is about how we live so this week we’ll make sure you’ve “downloaded” the new mental operating system that’ll help you thrive into the future.​

Bonus Materials:
Deep Sleep Meditation

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