with Dr Pedram Shojai

Dr. Pedram Shojai

Heal Your Body, Mind and Spirit While You Sleep

Dr. Pedram Shojai

Live instruction with Dr. Pedram Shojai begins on December 23, 2020 at 4pm EST

Six Weeks of Live Instruction with a Taoist Master

Can you assemble the life of your dreams while you sleep?

Can your dream state help inform your waking consciousness?

The Answer is a resounding YES! Learn this ancient practice and revitalize your life while you sleep.

The veil between day and night, sleep and wakefulness is an illusion. Our consciousness permeates all of existence- through time and space. We’ve fallen asleep to this wisdom and it’s time to wake up. Join Dr Pedram Shojai in this powerful experience as he guides you through the ancient practice of Dream Yoga.

What we do at night is either going to be an “offline” process or one that we bring “online.” We can either surrender to oblivion or guide or consciousness through growth and development while our body rests. These are all skills that can be learned.

Dr Shojai is a Taoist Abbot and senior student of the last remaining great Masters of the Yellow Dragon Monastery. He’s a Qigong master who’s learned Dream Yoga from various teachers along his path.

He’s the New York Times bestselling author of The Urban Monk, The Art of Stopping Time, Inner Alchemy, Exhausted, and Focus. He’s taught millions of people across the world with his films, videos, and seminars.

Dream Yoga is a cornerstone of his teaching and has never been offered to the public like this. With the changes in the world including the recent pandemic, he’s opened the door to this teaching and is now offering it in this format.

How can my body rest and recover while I work out my life’s problems?

The key to Dream Yoga is to allow the body to get what it needs while assigning specific tasks to the subconscious mind, ethereal soul, astral body, and other facets of your energy body/consciousness for healing, growth, and benevolence.

In today’s crazy world, we’re bombarded with stressors and events that make us want to shut down. This unfortunately happens on a spiritual level as well. This training is designed to help you reconnect with your eternal self and use dreamtime to resolve mental stress, interpersonal problems, and heal your body.

There’s an entire universe to explore and this is just the beginning….

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The Lost Art of Dream Yoga

The magical world of sleep is one of the least explored frontiers in our human experience and it’s also one of the richest. We can make amends with people (alive or those who’ve passed), we can heal wounds, solve work problems, dig up answers to questions we have and much much more.

In fact, the idea that our brains “go dead” and things shut down are old notions of how sleep works. We’ll look at the latest in sleep science to understand what our brains are doing naturally. This way we can tap into latent powers and faculties that have been waiting for us...right under our noses.

We’re going to help you build and maintain a strong foundation for this work so you can achieve real success. That starts with the body as the temple. The Hun, or Ethereal Soul needs a healthy anchor in the liver and the blood and the Shen or Spirit must rest comfortably in the heart. We’ll build this foundation with some exercises and herbs to help you prepare your body for this type of practice before diving deeper into further modules.

From there we’ll explore the idea of dream yoga as taught in various ancient traditions across the globe. We’ll anchor in solid philosophical grounding and then teach you how to layer protection for yourself energetically before beginning. This is a critical step as many people mess around with this type of work and get in trouble. That’s a bad idea.

Dr Shojai comes from a strong lineage that anchors the practice in a safe cocoon for your ultimate growth, protection and longevity.

Week by week, we’ll build on your skills and teach you how to explore various realms. There’s a lot to discover about yourself and the nature of the Universe so this work is extremely rewarding. It’s not terribly hard to do. It just takes practice and an experienced teacher. You will get both of those here.

Here are some of the key learnings you’ll enjoy in the course:

  • How to prepare your body for deep sleep and dream yoga
  • How to create an orb of protection and how to phase shift out of realms you are visiting
  • How to always tether back to your body
  • How to move your consciousness out of your body and explore familiar settings first
  • How to connect with loved ones and interact on the astral plane
  • How to heal past traumas and use Dream Yoga to mend old wounds
  • Clever ways to transform energies in your everyday life while you sleep
  • How to set subconscious goals and embed them in the fertile soul of your mind
  • And so much more…

Join the Dream Yoga Course

Starting December 23rd and Get 14 Days Free!

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Frequently Asked Questions—

What is the time commitment?

Go at your own pace. The modules are in video, audio, and transcript form. Take your time and go through them and access the resources all you want. Dr Shojai will answer questions during the live airing of the course’s six weekly modules.

Will You Take Questions?

This is a LIVE course!. Dr Shojai will answer questions after each module and try to accommodate all students.

What format do the courses take?

All the modules are laid out in the member’s area and will be ready for you to view in their entirety after they air LIVE for each of the 6 weeks.